Entrepreneurship Creativity & Innovation - short-term programme taught in English

Cursos de Verano en la Escuela ESC DIJION BOURGOGNE en Inglés

We are pleased to inform you that the 3rd edition of the ©EC&I (Entrepreneurship Creativity & Innovation) short-term programme taught in English at Burgundy School of Business / ESC Dijon Bourgogne will take place from 1st to 12th July 2013.  We truly believe that this will be a relevant and interesting course for students from all academic backgrounds interested in Entrepreneurship. 


As one of the top 20 Écoles Supérieures de Commerce in France Burgundy School of Business / ESC Dijon Bourgogne is a highly competitive business school. It is on the basis of the research area, "innovation, clustering and entrepreneurship", from within the school's Corporate Research Centre (CEREN) that this programme was developed in Spring 2012.


The course incorporates a great combination of active learning through complex business games using the MIME© method (2.5 days active learning), art and creativity, business visits and seminars.  The objective of the course is to illustrate just how closely Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation are linked, enabling the student to acquire valuable new skills to make a positive difference within these areas.

The course consists of 70 hours contact time, including classes, workshops, company and cultural visits. In addition, throughout the course students will be required to keep a diary, which will guide them through the learning process. They will earn 8 ECTS/4US credits and will be awarded a completion certificate. 

This programme is open to any student wanting to gain a thorough understanding and the ability to think outside of the box within the field of entrepreneurship, regardless of whether or not they have studied Entrepreneurship


Para mayores informaciones pueden contactar : programmes.courts@escdijon.eu

Nathalie Cureau, Encargada de Relaciones Internacionales y programas cortos : nathalie.cureau@escdijon.eu